Europan Germany


Erfolgreicher Auftakt

Successful Opening Event

Successful opening event of Europan Germany with almost 200 interested participants.

With: Dr. Andea Benze (Munich University of Applied Sciences), Dr. Iris Reuther (Senate Building Director of the Hanseatic City of Bremen), Ali Saad (Bureau Ruiz Saad – Architecture Urbanism Research), Dr. Anne Schmedding (Head of Foundation Projects Stiftung Berliner Leben), Dr. Tatjana Schneider (Institute for History and Theory of Architecture and the City, TU Braunschweig), Melanie Humann (Urban Catalyst GmbH and TU Dresden), Dr. Saskia Hebert (subsolar* architektur und stadtforschung), Prof. Jens Metz (Schule für Architektur Saar) and many more.

Click here for the recording of the event.