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Neue Informationen zum E17 Wettbewerb

New Information About the E17 Competition

On 27 March 2023, the Europan E17 competition on the theme of "Living Cities 2" will start. Germany is participating with eight sites.

This time, the cities of Bad Lobenstein, Berlin, Borkum, Ingolstadt, Kassel, Leipzig, Munich and Regensburg are taking part. The tasks are more ecological and more socially ambitious than ever. They range from hybrid, climate resilient urban building blocks (Munich) and climate-neutral new quarters (Kassel) to revitalisation of existing quarters through additions, conversions and extensions (Regensburg, Leipzig), wellbeing, spa and health (Borkum, Bad Lobenstein) and sustainable transformation of gray infrastructures (Berlin, Ingolstadt).

On 27.3.2023, the awards and short films on the locations will be available online on our website. On 21.4.2023, the German launch will take place.