Europan Germany


Ankündigung Auftakt

Announcement for the Kickoff Meeting

On May 7, the event will get underway. In the opening event of Europan Germany, the 5 German locations will be presented with their tasks and experts from architecture and urban development will illuminate the topic “Living Cities” with short inputs.

Among them will be: Prof. Dr. Andea Benze (Munich University of Applied Sciences), Prof. Dr. Iris Reuther (Senate Building Director of the Hanseatic City of Bremen), Ali Saad (Bureau Ruiz Saad - Architecture Urbanism Research), Dr. Anne Schmedding (Head of Foundation Projects Stiftung Berliner Leben), Prof. Dr. Tatjana Schneider (Institute for History and Theory of Architecture and the City, TU Braunschweig), Prof. Melanie Humann (Urban Catalyst GmbH and TU Dresden) , Dr. Saskia Hebert (subsolar* architektur und stadtforschung), Prof. Jens Metz (Schule für Architektur Saar) and many more.

The event will take place online on May 7, 2021 from 2pm to 6pm. All are welcome to participate. The invitation link will be sent out soon.

Start des neuen Wettbewerbsverfahrens E16

Start of the New Competition E16

The new E16 competition on the theme of “Living Cities” will start on April 5, 2021. Germany is represented with 5 locations.

For more information, see Competition E16.

Neue Website für Europan Deutschland

New Website for Europan Germany

With the start of the new competition procedure E16, Europan Germany launches its new website.

The archive is currently still under construction.

Live Sessions nachholen von ISF E15/E16

Replay the Live Sessions from the ISF E15/E16

For all who missed them or want to have another look: The live sessions of the Inter-Sessions Forum “From Productive Cities to Living Cities” E15/E16!

Inter-Sessions virtual Forum, 18.–22.01.2021  ›From Productive Cities to Living Cities‹

Inter-Sessions Virtual Forum, 18.–22.1.2021
›From Productive Cities to Living Cities‹

The Inter-Sessions Forum E15/E16 will take place from 18. to 22.1.2021 as a virtual forum. It offers a platform for exchange and debate between cities, experts and participants of the procedures E15 and E16.

Under the following link you will find the program as well as the link for registration. Participation after registration is free of charge. Save the date! Register now!