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Site Representatives

A site representative can be a city or public agency; either alone or in conjunction with public and private partners. If there are already stakeholders who are or will be involved in the site transformation process, it is important that they are involved in the competition as early as possible. Through the E17 competition, site representatives seek innovative responses and projects for site transformation and advocate for the subsequent realization of the winning competition entry.


Why propose a site for the E17 competition?

Cities and municipalities can propose a site for the competition for whose transformation an integrated development concept, a strategic approach or innovative ideas and projects are needed that cannot be achieved with a "conventional" competition.

Participating cities and municipalities benefit from a network that includes outstanding European experts from the disciplines of architecture, urban design and urban planning who have been working on urban development issues in European cities for many years.

In the past 30 years, 15 Europe-wide procedures have been carried out, resulting in a large number of realized innovative projects, some of which have won numerous awards.

Cities and municipalities receive innovative ideas and projects from young international teams of architects, urban planners and landscape architects, which show new perspectives, which possibilities there can be for the transformation of often "difficult" existing locations, which initiate a new development process.

To date 25 countries and well over 600 cities and municipalities from Europe have participated in the competition. Become part of the Europan network with your municipality and your city!


Interested in participating in the E17 competition with your location?

An informal expression of interest by e-mail or telephone is sufficient. We will send you further information and/or arrange an informative initial meeting.

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