Europan Germany

E17: Regensburg

XL / S

Team composition

Regensburg, Quartier Adalbert-Stifter-Straße/Vitusstraße

ca. 168.000 inhabitants

Study site
ca. 124 ha 

Project site
ca. 5 ha

Site proposed
Stadtbau-GmbH Regensburg

Actors involved
Stadtbau-GmbH Regensburg, City of Regensburg

Stadtbau-GmbH Regensburg, Evangelische Wohltäigkeitsstiftung Regensburg (EWR) 


The competition task is to develop concrete, realisable ideas for a mixed, sustainable and lively neighbourhood with modern forms of housing and diverse communal areas. The residential quarter, which dates back to the 1960s, is to be further developed as quickly as possible through new construction, conversion and/or restructuring of existing buildings.

The Bavarian city of Regensburg is a prospering metropolis with a high quality of life where around 170,000 people live and work. A housing estate with 18 apartment buildings is located on the 4.2 ha competition site.

Some of the buildings in the project area have already been modernised or replaced by new construction. Due to the intended redevelopment measures, many flats are currently vacant, which means that there is an urgent and large structural restructuring potential.

The challenge is to carefully make the existing neighbourhood fit for the future and make it more attractive through 1. new construction, 2. conversion and 3. modernisation. The new building is to be constructed on a vacant lot in the middle of the neighbourhood. The conversion involves an existing building that is currently empty and can be extended, raised, restructured or partially demolished and rebuilt. The modernisation measures can be applied to several Stadtbau GmbH buildings. As these are also empty, the interior of the building can be reorganised and proposals for new uses can also be made.

Furthermore, the design task is to develop a holistic urban concept that takes into account both moderate redensification possibilities for housing and social and infrastructural needs, e.g. day-care centre, café, community rooms, etc. On a conceptual level, ideas for open spaces, mobility and a possible heat supply should also be identified.


Typ of commissioning
The Stadtbau GmbH plans to upgrade the neighbourhood as soon as possible with new construcion, conversion, renovation and modernisation as well as the implemantation of open space measures.

Site visit and Questions Colloquium: 26 April 2023, time: 14h, Meeting point: Vitusstraße 10/10a; From 16:00h on at the Hotel/Gasthof Hubertushöhe, Wilhelm-Raabe-Straße 1, 93051 Regensburg for the colloquium