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FINALLY: OUT NOW - E16 Catalog by Jovis

How can we counter climate change and social, economic and cultural inequalities in the urbanized spaces of our cities and communities with innovative projects and new planning processes? How do we move from neglected, derelict, empty, stigmatized and monofunctional to lively, integrative and mixed urban spaces? On the occasion of the E16 competition, projects were developed at five German locations that demonstrate possibilities for transformation processes in municipalities. The COVID-19 pandemic, which started parallel to the process, acted as a catalyst for many of the issues addressed: vibrant cities as places of longing and necessary visions. The catalog summarizes the competition entries of the German locations as well as the German winners at European locations.

With contributions by Andrea Benze, Kaye Geipel, Saskia Hebert, Timo Munzinger, Iris Reuter, Ali Saad, Anne Schmedding, Marika Schmidt and Tatjana Schneider.