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Save the Date: Inter-Sessions-Forum im November

Save the Date: Inter-Sessions forum in November

This periods Inter-Sessions forum, the biggest event on the Europan calendar, will take place on November 3rd –5th 2022 in Clermont Ferrand in France.

The Inter-Sessions Forum is an event that takes place every two years and is a vital part of Europan, offering a European meeting space, a “destination” for the Europan session E16/E17 network (and beyond). It is a place of exceptional circumstances, where people can meet each other, share and exchange ideas and experiences.

The forum will generate encounters and debates between the session E16 actors (cities, juries and winning teams) and the session E17 cities and will close one session of the competition and open up the next.

The 3-day program will be diverse and engaging, with voices from across the European urban-architectural world. Expect great debates, discussions, and the latest from some of Europe’s most exciting architectural and urban projects.

> E16 Teams: Join and exchange with other participants from across Europe.
> Cities: Come and see how Europan can change your city.
> Not currently involved in Europan?  Thinking about participating? Join the event to discover the latest ideas in developing our cities for the future.

Get in touch with to find out how you can be involved. 
Updates on how to sign up to attend the event will be posted on our website soon.

You can also find more information on the website of Europan Europe.